Each year, more and more women take advantage of CHI’s grant programs to become homeowners.  Most are head of their household and value homeownership as a way to maintain their economic security.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. While some men wonder why this should be something special, the reality is that men have always had greater economic opportunity. Women have had to struggle throughout history for the right to stand beside them.

There is still a lot to do to achieve equality and that is why March 8 -and the entire month- is a time to encourage women to keep going.

At CHI, we are proud to say that each year we help increase the number of women who become homeowners thanks to our grant programs.

“Women want to have their own home and they are making it happen. They know there are opportunities out there to help them achieve their dreams and they are doing the work – going after the CHI grant & other programs”, says Julie Stern, Grants Administrator for CHI’s Homeownership department.

55% of the grants awarded by CHI in Long Island from January 14 to date were granted to women purchasing their first home. Another 14 % were granted to men and 31% to 2-parent families applying together.  Over the same period in Westchester, 58% of the grants were given to women applicants against 25% and 17% given to men or couples within the same time period.

“Most of the women are unmarried or divorced; some are not single but they are the major breadwinner,” Julie adds.

This means that they meet all the requirements to qualify for a grant application and buy a home on their own, including adequate income, good credit and savings. They also worked diligently to complete the process with realtors to find a suitable property and with a bank to obtain a mortgage approval. These clients bought in many different communities throughout Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester County.

At Community Housing Innovations our goal is to help our clients throughout the long process of buying a house, from homebuyer education and counseling to grant assistance.

If you are a woman thinking of buying the house that will give you and your family the stability you need, with CHI “YOU CAN DO IT!”