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CHI has developed and preserved more than 500 affordable units for homeless, low-income and working individuals and families in Westchester, Long Island and the Hudson Valley. The agency has successfully combined state, federal and local grants with private bank financing to create cost-effective solutions to the affordable housing crisis.

Affordable Rental Housing

New York State is the third most expensive state in which to live.  Long Island is the seventh most expensive metropolitan area in the country, and Westchester is the tenth most expensive metro area. Meanwhile, rents are rising in the region, and evictions and foreclosures continue at an alarming rate. Increasingly, even working families are having difficulty affording a place to live. In Westchester, for example, it takes an annual income of nearly $60,000 to afford a two-bedroom apartment, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

Without affordable housing, families and individuals become homeless or live in overcrowded and unsafe conditions. Families are separated, and children live with instability and often, without stable school environments. Affordable housing enables essential workers to live in and support our communities — health aides, school bus drivers, retail workers, teaching assistants and clerical assistants.

CHI owns and manages more than 250 single and multifamily units of affordable and permanent rental housing. Click to see what is available in Westchester and the Hudson Valley (link to For Rent – Westchester) and what is available in Long Island (link to For Rent – Long Island).

See affordable rent opportunities in Westchester/Hudson Valley.

See affordable rent opportunities in Long Island.

Supportive Housing

Although homelessness can be a consequence of the lack of affordable housing, many other factors have an impact. For this reason, permanent housing with supportive services has become one of the most successful tools in combating homelessness. Many people in CHI’s emergency and transitional housing simply do not earn enough to get out of the homeless system. Additionally, others have special needs – such as physical or mental illnesses, histories of substance abuse or living with domestic violence – or lack the educational, vocational or daily living skills necessary for financial and personal independence.

Under HUD’s Supportive Housing Program (SHP), CHI provides affordable permanent rental housing with supportive services for formerly homeless individuals and families with disabilities in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Currently, SHP grants support the housing and human services for approximately 140 families and individuals at various locations on Long Island.

Under New York State’s Homeless Housing & Assistance Program (HHAP), CHI provides additional supportive housing services in Westchester and Suffolk Counties. HHAP funds the acquisition and rehabilitation of properties to serve homeless families and single individuals. In total, CHI has developed 30 affordable permanent homes to benefit homeless families; seven in Westchester and 23 in Suffolk. Five additional homes were developed on Long Island to provide transitional housing for a special population of homeless families, and there is a HAP-supported facility in Suffolk County serving 32 homeless single adult men.